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Bali offeringCustoms and Etiquette in Bali


When visiting any place other than your homeland, it is important to know the customs and beliefs of the places you are visiting.  To learn the customs of a culture shows consideration as a visitor and is a way to honor the values and customs that a particular culture expresses. Knowing these things in advance gives notice to the people that you are visiting, that you have taken the time to learn about a place, and the practices of the people who live there.


In Bali, it is important to know the following:


  1. I.             Greeting People
  • When you greet someone in Bali, it is the custom to grasp the hand with both hands rather than shaking someone’s hand.  The greeting in Bali is, Apa kabar or “How do you do?”
  • Selamat Pagi is “Good Morning.”
  • Selamat Siang is “Good Afternoon.”
  • Selamat Tinggal is “Goodbye.”
  1. II.           When Drinks are offered to a guest, it is polite to accept.

Pointing with your index finger is not polite. If you are trying to point to something with your hand, fold your fingers in and use your thumb to point.

Anytime you receive something from someone, it is polite to use your right hand to receive it.

  1. III.         Taking photographs is allowed, at places of worship, but always ask permission.
  2. IV.         Always remove shoes before entering someone’s home, or a place of worship.
  3. V.           It is not appropriate for women to wear skimpy clothing in Bali.

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