Creative Journey

Creative Practice-Caty Carlin 1-12-14

After a wonderful morning walking in the orchard on the first sunny day in a week, I made my way to find paper and oil markers and colored pencils. After sitting down with them, I decided that the practice would be to create a mandala with the idea of remembering a beautiful place. The council to myself was to “not look” outside, or at anything for that matter, but to simply be with what came up from an inner experience of that beautiful place I was remembering. At first, I felt a bit of anxiety over “doing” rather than just “being.” After about 30 minutes into the experience, I began to relax and feel the colors emerge. I added water to the watercolor pencil marks, and felt myself begin to feel completely relaxed and in the flow of painting. At that moment, I was beginning to feel the landscape that I was painting as a part of me, and I did not want to end the session of painting. I allowed myself and hour and a half because of all of the other life tasks that required my time.
I decided to send the mandala to myself this week as a reminder to remember the creative practice. Working on a creative practice gave me a sense of wonder that frequently is missing these days in my life. I was also surprised to feel joy at the end of painting. Joy that was not attached to outcome or having to create a certain object or piece for sale. The words that identify the experience are: joy, flow, completion and relaxation.

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picture of the beautiful place