Soul and Culture

Soul and Culture in New Caledonia



I’ll have to admit, New Caledonia is not a place I had ever heard of, much less to know where it exists in the world. Soul and culture there is rich and intact. While researching a story for my cultural travel news blog, I discovered this magical little gem of an island that is located 930 miles east of Australia. Everything you could imagine about paradise exists in Caledonia. So compelling were the pictures that I fell into, I found myself feeling the cool of the clear crystal fresh water pools, and the lushness of the flora and fauna, which is one of the most diverse in the world per square kilometer.

While I have never traveled there, I was also drawn to the history of the place, and the Indigenous people there. This compelling picture of Kanak warriors taken in 1880 in their attire with penis gourds made me take a second look. In addition to the history of these Indigenous people, the women also compel me to look into this culture, in their beautiful, colorful clothing. Soul and culture in New Caledonia exists because the rest of the world has not fully penetrated it’s ocean borders. But that will not last long, as cruise ships landed there about a month ago. This will be great for their economy, but the virtually untouched culture will be touched by the rest of the world.

soul and culture in New Caledonia