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Cowrie Shell Divination

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Divination Tools

     Divination tools come in a variety of shapes, forms and objects. From the human hand to coconut shells, sticks and sand, the tools are only as good as the diviner using them. Once again, the tools and the methods used are specific to the beliefs and practices of a particular culture. As an example, South African tribes use bones called bola for divination. Some people in the Appalachian mountains of N.C. use bones tied to trees for divination. Each tradition carries its own oral myth and meaning.

We are familiar with the Tarot cards, the Chinese iching coins, and fortune telling cards. There are also tea leaf readings, cowrie shell readings, coconut shell readings, stick readings, heads or tails with coin readings, smoke and ash readings, dream readings and scapulomancy or fire divination. There are divining rods, or tree branches, bones, shells, beads, rocks, hands, and bodies that are also used as divination tools. Insects, birds, animals, as well as the wind, sun, water, and stones are also used as divination tools.