Spring- 2013


Being in Vibration-

A full day of sound and vibration at the Peace Chamber in Swannanoa, N.C. The Peace Chamber is one of many sound chambers around the world. Visioned by Joseph Rael, beautiful painted arrow. This day begin with an overview of Rael’s vision, the history of the chamber in Swannanoa, and then an afternoon of chanting in the Chamber. All proceeds will go to the “Peace Chamber.”




When? :  Saturday May 25th

Where:   “The Peace Chamber-Swannanoa”

Donation:  $45.00

Time: 10:00- 4:00

Bring your own Lunch


Accommodations: Please contact Caty Carlin


The Way of the Doll-

The Doll has been a sacred object for thousands of years. Used as a talisman, for rituals, fertility, in burials and for play, dolls are powerful obects that embody the spirit of the maker.  In this workshop we will begin from the ground up, and create a doll that reflects our true essence. Participants will learn how to use their dolls in daily meditations and rituals as a direct portal into soul communication.

When:  June 6th, 7th, 8th

Where:  Theater of the Soul- Leicester, N.C.

Fee:   450.00 (includes accommodations)

Fee:  197.00 (workshop only)

Teacher:  Caty Carlin-master Dollmaker

Spiritual Director



Limited to 10 people

Accommodations limited to 6


Trusting Your Vibs- Intuitive Development 

Have you ever had the experience of  “knowing” something well in advance of it happening, and brushed it off as co-incidence?  Have you had a desire to share these events with others, and yet not had an opportunity to share the co-incidences that have gone from knowing to reality? This workshop will  give you the opportunity to learn, explore, share and trust your intuition. Tools for divination, visualization, dowsing, and differentiating what is imagined with what is real, will be explored this weekend.




When:  Sept.  13, 14, 15th

Where: Theater of the Soul- Leicester, N.C.

Fee:  397.00

Teacher: Caty Carlin-Director “Theater of the Soul

Accommodations:  100.00 per person/per night

Private room/ 50.00 pp/shared room



Limited to 15 people