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This video speaks volumes with information about Universal Health Coverage in Developing Countries.

This video was accessed from, The People’s Health Movement:



Intersection Between Culture and Policy

In the Municipal Services Project, authored by David A. McDonald and Greg Ruiters, a clear message in assessing the current Universal Health Coverage in countries such as India, Asia and the global southern region of the world is given.   A summary of their research yields a dim view of the affect of  globalizing health coverage to fix the delivery of health care to low and middle income countries.  In their survey of UHC, they urge a closer look into the larger, more complex view of culture,  resources and public systems.

Universal Health Coverage occurs in countries such as India and Africa through the pooling of funds, offered by agencies such as the World Bank and the Universal Health Organization. These funds are then distributed to private insurance companies that are entrusted to deliver health services. McDonald and Ruiters :

“UHC prescribes a clear split between health financing and health provision, allowing for the entry
of private insurance companies, private health providers and private health management orga
-nizations. The logic is that healthcare challenges require an immediate remedy, and since the
public system is too weak to respond, it is strategic to turn to the private sector.”
In addition to privatization and polarizing health coverage towards a “packaged” system, the financing of these huge pools of funds comes through financing delivered through the World Bank.  McDonald and Ruiters argue that financial underpinning alone, is not the solution to bridging the delivery of health coverage to millions of people. Rather, they present the idea that re-imagining health care through well designed public systems, is the true universal approach to health coverage in developing countries. The unique environmental and catastrophic markers of specific countries is not considered in the UHC system. Resources such as world water and it’s impact on cultures needs to be taken into consideration into the whole picture of providing health coverage for a country.