As a child, I had an invisible friend named Judy. Judy was there with me on every occasion and we frequently had conversations about nature, friends, and food. Judy helped me to discover the “invisible people” who were made visible through Judy’s guidance. I saw these invisible people flying with wings, and beside streams and always around trees in the woods. Later, as an adult, I reconnected with the invisible people in the way of creating them out of cloth. Creativity is directly connected with, and is a gateway for mediumship. What is a medium, exactly?

My other encounter with mediums was through my grandmother who frequently went to an old spiritualist camp called “Cassadaga” in Florida. She always made my sister and I promise not to tell anyone that we went there. Cassadaga is a very old camp for mediums that was founded in the late 1800’s. There, mediums would go in the summer and be together in community. The camp still exists, and is still occupied with mediums. So, what is a medium?

For years I studied theosophy and travelled to witness mediums across the globe. Mediums are also known as “sensitives” as the ability to communicate with the invisible realm has to do with a certain sensitivity to vibration and messages that are received through cords of vibration and cords of love. Mediums and sensitives have received a bad rap due to so many charlatans that portray themselves as mediums and yet, are very adept at taking people’s money. The greatest and best mediums that I have ever encountered are ones that do not have an hourly “fee” attached to their services. They perform their healing and their service on a donation basis, or for some type of exchange. They do not usually advertise, rather, you will know of them through word of mouth or through someone’s visit to them.

A medium can connect with a loved one who has died through the cords of love. The word cords refers to a cord of vibration from one heart or spirit to another. If you would like to explore what I am speaking about, read some of Blavatsky’s books or Alice Bailey, or Allen Kardac.  All of these people are long gone, but their work as mediums will illuminate with greater detail what I am speaking of. There is another book that I can recommend called, “Unbelievable” which details research that was done by a man named Rhine at Duke University decades ago on ESP and mediums. So often we want an easy answer to things that are inexplicable, but there is no App for that. It takes time and deep inquiry to really know anything. People for thousands of years have been exploring the mystery of life. The Incans, the Egyptians, the Hmong, and all of the Indigenous people of the world know, and have built a relationship with the invisible people that surround us and are equally a part of our world. So what is a medium? Quite simply, a medium is a sensitive who has an expanded capacity for listening, seeing, feeling, and knowing the language of vibration.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.

–Albert Einstein


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