Psychic Access





What gives one person access to psychic awareness, and then leaves others powerless? The truth is that even the best psychics in the world don’t have complete access to answers that we seek. But those psychics that have cultivated their abilities and crafted their skills have greater access to psychic awareness because they have practiced using their sight, their intuition, and their senses to identify a language of the spirit.

Psychic access is building the capacity to see into invisible realms. Psychics that cultivate their abilities have built a relationship with the invisible. There are layers and layers of access that come through the rays of initiation. We are all composed of energy, and it is through the lines of energy that psychics see, (clairvoyance), hear, (clairaudience), feel, (clairsentience), and know. Our thoughts, and feelings have a vibratory quality that is like a “ray of energy.”

Theosophists such as Alice Bailey, and Helena Blavatsky wrote wonderful books about what could be considered as “psychic access.” Some of the best psychics that the world knows today, have spent a lifetime to fine tune their abilities and their skills. As a seeker on the path, everyone has psychic access, so start today to cultivate your own inner language.