Psychic Powers

psychic powers

     What are psychic powers? Are they a gift of a chosen few, or do the gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing belong to everyone? What is true is that anyone can develop psychic powers, however, the real power exists in one’s commitment to practice the craft of divination, or developing one’s intuition. Some people are encouraged as children to be open to the invisible world and to open their senses to the world around them. Some children have invisible friends that they talk to and communicate with. Psychic powers, therefore, can be treated as normal abilities and cultivated from childhood, or they can be developed as adults.

There are many interesting studies about psychic powers, and one such study over many years occurred at Duke University in North Carolina. There, a man named Rhine  studied ESP and psychic phenomena for a number of years. Even Einstein was a part of a séance once, and explored the idea of mediumship and paranormal phenomena.

So what are psychic powers? They are a means of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling the invisible energies that we are made of, and that are all around us. But don’t take my word for it, start to develop your own psychic powers and see for yourself.