Soul and Language

I love language and the power of words. In the early 1900′s Florence Shinn, a metaphysician and an illustrator, used to speak the word for people who came to her with problems. How? Shinn knew the power of words to change thoughts and vibrations. Thoughts are things. Words have the power to change ways of thinking, the world around us, and we can use words to transform our relationship to the world around us. Indigenous people have known this for thousands of years. Soul and language are a part of every culture of the world. This is a wonderful site with so many knowledgeable people, and there are videos with traditional people and scholars who speak about language. Scroll to the bottom to hear Jean OBrien speak about language. Fascinating.

Soul and language are interlinked and if we pay more attention to language, we can BE in relationship not only with others, but with the world around us in ways that are inexplicable. We then can hear the trees, the birds, the sound of the wind, and can identify ourselves in the family of things.


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