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Breast Cancer Awareness Art- Sal Brownfield

    There are few ways to give a breast cancer picture of individual cases and individual stories Breast cancer stories are unique in the way that they arise in different people’s lives, how they manifest, what people do with the diagnosis, and how they deal with breast cancer.  Breast cancer and art are interwoven in many facets of arts in medicine. In my journeys to different places, hospitals and clinics, I re-connected with a fiber artist from years ago, who is working with breast cancer patients in Buffalo, New York. I will share her name and story in another post. She is working with patients who come into the clinic for chemo in a way that is both empowering and inspiring. In the lobby of the clinic, she assists women in painting their silk scarves with their own unique brush strokes, and  while the women are in the clinic for their appointment, she sets the dyes, irons the scarves, and sends them home with their beautiful creations. Her name is Barbara for future post searching.

In 2008, I re-connected with a woman named Eve Hoffman in Atlanta at a show that I was participating in in Marietta.  Eve is a poet who has several books out, “Red Clay,” and now “A Celebration of Healing” with artist Sal Brownfield. When we re-connected, Eve told me about Sal’s work, and a project that he was working on with people who had breast cancer. Sal Brownfield is a painter in Atlanta who began to paint women, (and men) with breast cancer. It is a powerful project that is still reflected in the paintings that Brownfield painted of each person who consented to be a part of this project. “A Celebration of Healing” includes Brownfield’s paintings, along with Eve Hoffman’s  stories of each person. I asked Eve if I could come to Atlanta and document the project with recordings and video. At the time, I had returned to school with a focus in “Arts in Medicine.”  What resulted was a wonderful connection with Sal and Eve, as well as a real glimpse into the power that art has to heal, to reveal, and to expose what is hidden. After 4 years, Sal and Eve have published the book, which is available on Amazon, and I am dusting off the audios and videos that give a real glimpse into how Sal Brownfield’s project came into fruition. I feel so grateful to know them both, and will share videos and audios as I put them together. Go now and order their book, “A celebration of Healing.”

Please note: If this video skips a beat, then put it on pause and allow it to load a bit before continuing.