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Soul and Creating

Soul and creating are a part of being human. It doesn’t matter if you are creating a beautiful dinner, working in the garden, or gathering friends together. Creating is a birthright that we are all endowed with, however, many people choose not to use it. In the west, when we think of creating, we think of art, or artists, which brings forth a plethora of perceptions that our mind produces. Right now, we are in one of the most exciting times on the planet for soul and creation. Why? Because humanity is going through tremendous perceptual changes about life, living and creating from a soul point of view. Bruce Lipton talks about creation in this video. To see it, click on this link.

To experience the soul and creation, one must listen to the inner impulses that come through nature, people, animals and the elements. For thousands of years, traditional people of the world have honed the skills to listen. This is what we have forgotten. To listen to the soul, and the call of the soul, takes repeated practice and a daily commitment to learn. While there are many healing technologies to learn from, one can gain tremendous peace and develop intuitive wisdom by committing to learning for an hour or two a day. Disconnecting from technology, and listening to nature, or being still in the city, or going to a park for time alone are all ways to access the soul and creation. In those reflective moments, it is important to identify what you are passionate about. What is it that gets you excited about being alive? If you can name that, and access it, then you can begin to nourish and feed the creative impulse that many times lays dormant within us.  Try this for a month, and I assure you, things will change in your world. Once you identify what you are passionate about, begin to learn about it, practice it, and use your gift for creation. Your soul will be glad you did.