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Changing Your Vibration

This is a great video by Sonia Choquette, intuitive, who speaks about changing your vibration in the way of surrender. Vibration can be changed by doing many different things. Moving, dancing, singing, chanting, walking, hiking, praying. Changing your vibration is to let go of the same patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. Sonia Choquette tells many funny stories that illuminate the processes that are essential to changing your vibration. She says that changing your vibration has to do with allowing the vibration to emanate from you outward, rather than having it come to you. This means risking change in your life, and embracing your own vibration and gifts, and giving those gifts to the world whatever they might be or whatever form they might take. Watch this video. What are you doing to change your vibration?




Higher Consciousness and Vibration

In an area near Asheville, N.C. called Swannanoa, there is a peace chamber. The chamber is shaped like a dome, and is one of 57 or so chambers around the world where people go to sing the vowel sounds into the chamber. This is a vision of Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. Rael is an Ute Pueblo visionary who has written several books on Sound, Healing and Vibration. One book is called, “Being in Vibration.” Rael’s vision for the Peace Chambers around the world embraces the idea that producing sounds in the form of vowels, is a way to send vibrational messages of Peace throughout the globe.
While the Peace Chamber in Swannanoa is closed to the public, Theater of the Soul is offering “Sounds of Peace” a gathering of sound and vibration twice a month from May through October.

Below is a wonderful interview with Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow.  For more information about attending the Peace Chamber sound and vibration gatherings, please contact