Taking a circle for a walk

mandala circle

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This week, I had to find my way back to the joy of turning off all technology to remember why I am here. Flow, and working with media comes easily to me, but I find that the decision to create, and allowing  the space to create is indeed the practice for me. The process of witnessing my hands drawing and painting was important to “feeling” the essence and joy of “making special.” By witnessing my own hands and fingers moving and creating, I was able to access feelings within myself that are tethered to my spirit.

I discovered through doing this simple exercise of creating a mandala, that creative process and activity is the fuel and energy of my life. What compels and draws me into the field of Arts in Medicine is in sharing this with others in moments that have the possibility of being self-transcending for the patient, and for me. The meaning derived from arts in medicine is a mutually shared experience and exchange. There is a certain receptivity that must be available in the artist to understand the enormity of presence, and giving of one’s creative experience. Victor Frankl talks about happiness installing itself on  the person who makes a choice in any given moment to find meaning, no matter if the issue is biological, psychological or spiritual. Frankl’s message compels me to creativity, in the sense of knowing that my own creative process is where healing exists. The choice is in creating the space and time for creative practice to inform my own healing, for the understanding of offering a malleable version to others. First, I must understand flow state, and making special, before I can, with any authenticity, offer it to others.


In a clinical setting, it is not appropriate to take a camera to document a creative process. In this process, however, the act of making an image to send to oneself has some important ingredients for transcendence. Receiving the card in the mail, is a reminder of the care and time given to the spirit. In the same way, this could be accomplished by actually sending the card through the mail to the patient. This idea could extend to the inclusion of other objects, poems and images that emerge from time with a patient, and sent along with the card. Messages to myself could be the theme.


Finding my own prompt was good. I enjoyed the process.