The Meaning of Divine Intervention

Muhammad riding the Buraq; a 16th-century Persian miniature.


The Meaning of Divine Intervention


The meaning of divine intervention is embedded and contextualized in the culture or belief system that assigns a value or meaning to the “divine.” Within each cultural milieu beliefs are woven into song, ritual, dance, prayer, and other practices. Divine intervention often comes from a call, or request from human beings for help, however, can also come unsolicited. Divine intervention is considered an act of God, or whatever is deemed “God” within a culture.

For indigenous people, God lives within the elements and within everything. Divine intervention, is therefore a relationship with the God in everything or the “spirit” within everything. For traditional people, divine intervention would be more about “being” in relationship with God, or spirit. The interruption of the events of life, therefore, such as rain after a long drought, or a miracle as an intervening event is a continuum of this ongoing relationship with the divine in all things. Words so often get in the way of culture, and beliefs. Indigenous peoples of the past, and some cultures in the present are more embedded in their relationship to what is considered “divine” in western culture. Divine, in other words, is not other or out there somewhere as a human figure.

In other religious traditions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Judaism, the meaning of divine intervention comes in the form of God intervening and altering or changing the events in a recognizable miracle or through an act of nature. The meaning of divine intervention therefore is rooted in the context of culture, beliefs, and perceptions about  what is divine and our beliefs surrounding what is divine.


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