What is the nature of a Sacred Cloth?

When we think of cloth, we seldom think of “Sacred.” There is, however a very in depth history of cloth, and sacredness.

There are stories all over the world of sacred cloth, creating sacred cloth, cloth that is deemed sacred, and cloth in which we include in our own experience as sacred. Here is a small piece of a story about sacred cloth.


I had three days to empty the condo of my mother’s personal possessions, linens, clothes, and personal treasures accumulated over a lifetime. My friends Kathy and Jo and my cousin Shelly helped me. We had three piles—one for Goodwill, one for the dump, and one for things destined for my house on Bainbridge Island. If my mother saw how we managed her things, she would have had a stroke right then and there……

What each of us deems “sacred” has to do with experience and with memory of someone or something. We must remember that it is not the material itself that HOLDS the power, but what we imbue the material with…..our spirit, our soul, our memory with the person to whom or with whom we are connected.

You can read the whole story of possessions and sacred memory here.


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